Review: Preach Muzak (@PREACHMUZAK)

When I first entered the website of Preach Muzak to review his new mixtape “The Rising Trilogy vol. 1” it was like entering a time capsule and being transported back to the music of the 90’s. Immediately I reminisced about and drew the comparison to 2Pac’s “Dear Mama” and Bone Thug n Harmony’s “Crossroads”. That was a time when music really meant something; it was when you turned to your tape player for mental clarity and understanding because deep within whatever you listened to rested a lesson which derived from a life of experience. Preach Muzak has a name that fits his craft to the T. Through just his name alone you know exactly what he is doing before a beat or rhyme ever begins. Don’t be quick to rush to judgment and think you will know what it about to be delivered to you because you won’t.

Preach has the tone and resonance that can be heard on the radio as well as go viral through the web all the while not steering to far away from the hearts and souls of true music lovers. Through his music you find a man in love with life and appreciative of the trials and tribulations endured by those in our history books, those most likely to follow in his footsteps, and those most likely to look up and say “I want to be just like Preach”. With tracks like “Eighty Six”, “Pray”, and “Heaven to Hell” you are taken in to the true reality of the inner city neighborhood. You are taken in to the drugs, projects, violence, and the struggle to make it out alive. You are given a lesson on life and the battles that have been fought to get us to where we are today as well as the role and influence of politics on the lives to afraid or unwilling to understand it. Most importantly you are sat down and given a lesson on true struggles endured by real individuals on a daily basis.

Many artists talk about the dreams and aspirations of this money hungry population, however few know first-hand what it’s like to be in this predicament yet remain determined to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Few take the stance of brining light to inequality and troubles glorified by a culture bread to know nothing better. The inner city for many in areas like Detroit, Brooklyn, and Chicago can be a never ending catastrophe. I was raised in the streets of Boston, Mattapan, and Dorchester. Therefore, I feel where Preach is coming from and what he is trying to do through his music. He challenges the perceptions of society, he questions your knowledge of the hood, and he acknowledges there is nothing to glorify about drive byes, drug addiction, and gang fights. What I feel and understand is a position one cannot come close to experiencing had they not lived the same life.

As I type the words you are now reading I want you to know that I type them with immense admiration for the talent, skill, and courage spilled on these tracks. It is my belief that should you take this mixtape as any inclination into the character of the artist behind the mastery, you would be placed in the company of good people. Through this review I offer Preach Muzak my upmost respect and openly invite him to partake in our issue highlighting unsigned artists in April 2014. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Preach Muzak gets high honors for his talent, traditional approach, and soul brought back into the industry. Go to and download his latest mixtape now!

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