Meet Daniel Klisiewicz

Daniel is one of our autumn 2013 featured models. He was raised playing sports all around Massachusetts and along the Atlantic coast. When he entered college, his varsity soccer coach requested that he add some muscle to his frame.  This request alone started an unceasing love for fitness and a permanent healthy lifestyle. As he did more and more research on anatomy and physiology, Daniel realized the admiration he had for the human physique and the characteristics of the ideal “man”.  In his modeling career, he hopes to exploit the masculine side of fashion and fitness merging them together.  In the future, Daniel sees himself anywhere from local athletic or underwear ads to national fashion runway or formalwear.  Whatever he ends up doing, you can count on him to do it with a passion for being in front of a camera and with determination to portray what it means to be masculine. To see Daniel’s print casting check out our autumn 2013 print/digital issue.


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