Model Anthia Mo Defeats the Odds

Photo Credit: Latashia Martin

Photo Credit: Latashia Martin

Anthia is a model from our autumn 2013 issue, and also photographed for that issues cover and feature story. She has been modeling since the beginning of May 2013. With a strong background in dance, she has learned to use it to her advantage. Being a petite model of 5’2, she is a natural at her craft with strong talent to follow it. Anthia couldn’t meet the height criteria for many of her dream jobs, like the Patriot’s cheerleaders and a number of modeling agencies. As a result, she yearns to make herself become known through other means, and up to this point felt it to be a dead end. Anthia’s biggest motivator was not for her own personal aspirations, rather it was to portray to people that anything is possible if you keep on trying no matter how many times you fail. Anthia is fighting to prove to people that height does not matter.

To see Anthia’s cover story and print casting check out our autumn 2013 print/digital issue.


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