Son of Balwin: Indiegogo Campaign for Feature Film and TV Projects by Black Deaf Filmmaker Ann Marie Bryan

English: sundance

English: sundance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are more and more people entering the world of indie films. Just recently we had Jeremy Scahill with Dirty Wars. Directors and producers alike are hungry for their craft. Every day they give all they have to produce a film with substance, one that has meaning and preserves some form of history important to their lives. Social platforms are helping to change the way we connect and utilize resources making it that much easier to reach the masses. It has created a platform for brand awareness and promotion months, and sometimes years before the production even begins to develop. Festivals such as Sundance and crowdfunding sites such as have created opportunities that 10 years ago would not have been possible, allowing for a production to be fully funded before the script has been written. One filmmaker, Ann Marie Bryan of Jamaica is on her quest to be the first deaf Jamaican-American filmmaker. Son of Baldwin takes us into her story on his Facebook page. Click here to read more


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