TWIP Interviews Boudoir Photographer Christa Meola

Christa Meola

Photo Credit: Christa Meola Blog

In our Winter 2014 print edition, we have a two page article guiding photographers through a boudoir session. More than any other photography session fashion photographer and editor Latashia Martin finds boudoir to be the most invasive type of session as well as one requiring extra sensitivity be given to the client. To further the knowledge given in that article, here is a recently released interview boudoir photographer Christa Meola did with TWIP. Christa has been photographing boudoir since 2004, and was brought into it by a demand. This 45 minute interview is one you do not want to miss as she talks about the art of capturing woman beautifully. The process of marketing to woman is one that is always rewarding, however, not easy to master. Women are very intuitive to what they want and how they want it. They come with preset expectations and to master this market, you must have the ability to blow their preset expectations out of the water (hint: ask their expectations). Nevertheless, as Christa states in the below interview there is a photographer for every woman. Do you know the difference between boudoir and glamor? Christa goes into her definition of boudoir versus glamor; although you are of course free to draw your own conclusions. So stop reading and play the video!


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