The Model No One Predicted

Winter 2014 Model Casting Call Winner (photo credit: Latashia Martin)

Winter 2014 Model Casting Call Winner (photo credit: Latashia Martin)

Salim Rivera, a model selected to be featured in the winter 2014 fashion issue knows what he wants, and is definitely on the move. When Salim arrived on set, it was nothing but a good time. He was electrified and ready to go, “just tell me where you need me” were the words he spoke after setting his bags on the floor. Listening attentively, prepared, and eager to learn Salim was without a doubt going to leave a memorable impression on us all. As a kid, Salim was always the guy nobody could ever get. Nobody ever knew what type of career he would pursue because his personality, his build, and his attitude gave him too many options. Little did he know, modeling was perfect for him. From the moment he was chosen to be in his first fashion show and photo shoot, Salim knew this was something he was born to do. As a model, Salim strives to be the most versatile, memorable, and humble male model in the industry. Being a male model from the DC area makes it very hard to make a name for yourself in the industry, and that is what keeps Salim going. “To me, modeling isn’t just taking pictures and walking pretty. It’s an art, a job, and a passion.” Working with people like Guy Lambert, Troy Artis from, and being crowned Atlantic City’s top male model, Salim has definitely shown that he has done a lot and has no intention of stopping any time soon. Salim Riviere has made appearances in numerous fashion weeks such as DC, Maryland, Atlantic City, and Baltimore and plans to expand to states such as New York, Miami, and even California. Salim’s main goal isn’t to be signed to a big time agency, it is to be remembered as an amazing male model, role model, and inspiration. Salim is in the know when it comes to modeling and fashion industries. He has built networks with other great and aspiring models. He makes it a point to position himself in such a manner that he will continue to meet those with the ability to mentor him in his growth. If you ask the staff at Young ‘n Fly Magazine, Salim has already succeed in achieving his goal.

To connect with Salim, be sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at TheSalimster

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